Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) / Credit Transfer

AIP has a simple but methodical RPL process which is outlined in detail on the Policy on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)/Credit transfer. Recognition of other AQF units awarded by other RTO’s will be consistent with the requirements of the SNVR.

Prospective students will be made aware of the RPL and recognition policy and process prior to enrolment in to the program, via discussions and the Student Handbook and/or AIP website, and are encouraged to apply if they believe that they may be eligible.

Students are encouraged to apply for RPL/Credit Transfer prior to or immediately after formal enrolment but prior to the facilitated delivery of units to ensure that they do not miss any class/workshop opportunities offered should they be unsuccessful in the RPL process. Any RPL or recognition granted will be advised in writing to the students. Students will need to acknowledge receipt of the advice and be given the opportunity to appeal the decision, using the AIP’s complaints and appeals policy.

In relation to RPL and Credit transfer AIP adopts and operates on the basis of the following definitions:


is the value assigned for the recognition of equivalence in content between different types of learning and/or qualifications, which reduces the volume of learning required to achieve a qualification.

Credit transfer

is a process, which provides learners with agreed and consistent credit outcomes based on equivalences in content between matched qualifications.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

is an assessment process, which determines the credit outcomes of an individual application for credit.

The availability of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

provides all potential learners with access to credit opportunities.

In a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) pathway,

the candidate provides current, quality evidence of their competency against the relevant unit of competency. This process may be directed by the candidate and verified by the assessor. Where the outcomes of this process indicate that the candidate is competent, structured training is not required. The RPL requirements of the SNVR must be met.

Combination of pathways

Credit may be awarded on the basis of a combination of credit transfer plus an individual RPL assessment for additional learning.

National recognition credit

is automatically granted for identical (code and Title) AQF units of competency irrespective of the qualification in which they were achieved.

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